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Reliable Gardening Services in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

The idea of a dream home can’t be realized unless the external living space, including your garden, patios or driveways, are well taken care of. Greenery and a proper lighting arrangement create a bigger difference than most people think. At Stone Tek Landscaping Inc, we provide a cluster of landscape installation or softscaping services in Calgary and its surrounding areas, that have the potential to transform your property completely. Whether you want to install sod in a whole yard or just need a flowerbed that compliments the rest of your garden, our veteran landscapers are dependable for excellent installation services. Contact us today.

Tree and Shrub Planting

It is always important to plan well in advance when it comes to seeding or planting new shrubs or trees in your backyard. With everything prepped, the entire planting process becomes smooth and convenient. This is also essential as the growth of new vegetation demands a moderate temperature and minimal intervention by weeds or other unwanted agents. Let our softscaping specialists guide you through the perfect plan for your next planting project.

Irrigation and Lighting

Irrigation and proper lighting can turn your dull lawn into a lush green one. However, they are generally neglected while improving the curb appeal of a property. At Stone Tek Landscaping, we understand the importance of such elements and strive to achieve greater property appraisals by working on these overlooked factors. Hire us for a professional landscape lighting installation to increase the functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Loam and Sod Installation

It is necessary to choose the right contractor when dealing with sophisticated practices such as installing loam or sod on your lawn. You should also be considerate about the right temperature best-suited for the sod to root. So when you choose us, you can be assured that the entire process, from selecting the suitable loamy soil to installing durable and low-maintenance sod, is done seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Want to know more about our landscape installation service? Call our team.

Garden planters

Do you want to have a garden makeover? Stone Tek Landscaping has a solution to help you beautify and expand your garden space. We offer portable garden planters in various shapes, materials and styles to make it convenient for you to plant greenery wherever you wish to.  

Landscape Irrigation

Maintain your lawns, gardens and custom landscapes with our first-class irrigation system.

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