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First-rate Seasonal Cleanups in Calgary and its Surrounding Areas

Stone Tek Landscaping Inc brings you a broad range of standardized services for quality maintenance of your lawns or outdoor spaces. Whether you need fertilization or grass services, we are here to help. With our seasonal lawn cleaning services, we ensure healthy growth of the grass by removing excess rubbish such as debris, dead leaves and other organic matter. We have a dedicated team in Calgary who is skilled and well-informed, to provide you with premium landscaping solutions. Our work is widely recognized as we never compromise on quality. Contact us to learn more.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Missed the last cleanup? Don’t worry. We offer both seasonal and year-round cleanups, so you have a neat lawn throughout the year. We’ll remove all the rubbish, including debris, dead leaves or decaying organic matter that does no good to your yard.


Your lawn needs nutrition as much as you do. Lawn fertilization once every spring is a perfect way to give a nutritional boost to your yard. We are highly resourceful and have the know-how and expertise to carry out effective lawn maintenance and ensure proper fertilization of the seeds.

Weekly lawn service

Lawn care is integral to procuring a lush green lawn free from weeds. At Stone Tek Landscaping, we provide weekly, biweekly and monthly quality grass services, which forms an essential aspect of lawn care. We have an experienced team of landscapers working with us.

Seasonal Cleanups

Try our seasonal cleanup service to ensure well-kept lawns throughout the year.

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