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Organic Lawn Care Products

Stone Tek Landscaping Inc. cares as much about your property as we do about our groundwater and God’s earth. We apply only the best chemical/pesticide-free organic fertilizers. That way, you and your pets will remain safe, our groundwater will not be contaminated, and the trees and grass will indeed be greener on your side! Call or email us for details.

Ever wonder how some people manage to achieve such a lush green lawn? Want your lawn to look the same? Stone Tek Landscaping Inc. only uses lawn products that are 100% organic and natural, made with blends of ingredients that balance nutrient content for optimal lawn performance.

Our fertilizers are all-natural, environmentally friendly and non-polluting. They do not contain animal by-products, manure, processed sewage or synthetics. We will take a soil sample from your lawn, have it tested in a lab, and offer you a custom plan to ensure that your grass is as thick and lush as it can be! Call or email us for more information.

Deep-root tree fertilizing is a process in which a large spike is plunged into the tree’s root ball and fertilizer is pressure-pumped into the deep soil. While any homeowner can buy a garden-hose attachment that delivers soluble nitrogen to tree roots, such a device will not deliver the volume and potency that we can achieve with our professional rig. The higher the pressure, the greater the spread of nutrients throughout the root system, and the healthier and greener your trees will be. Call or email us for more information.

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